Taylor Hahn

Bookkeeping Application

February 24, 2021

Project Overview

Key Terms: React, PostgreSQL, AWS, Serverless

This project is concerned about three interrelated types of data: Companies that belong to the firm Contacts that work for member firms and/or attend firm events Events for discussing various topics that interest architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

Internally, the data is stored in a relational database running on AWS’s RDF api which provides the open source PostgreSQL database as a fully managed service. The application is deployed with Vercel, which provides a serverlees interface to RDF.

Basic navigation is from a list of Companies, Events, or Contacts, depending on the user’s initial interest. Once a selection is made, the user is presented a page.

Pages for major entities — Companies, Events, Contacts are organized into a set of panels with each panel focusing on some aspect of the entity.

For example, the company page contains 3 panels: One showing details about company location, line of business, and key officers. A second showing simplified information about Events employees of the firm have attended. A third showing key information about an event (name, location, date).

Likewise, the event page shows detailed information about the event and simplified data about Companies and Contacts.

Internally, the API to the database organizes information in the same way — a style associated with GraphQL — so that a developer only needs one request to the server to collect all of the information required for a page and its panels.

The data has been transformed from the efficient relational database structure to more informative graph structure.


Bookkeeping Dashboard


Bookkeeping Companies


Bookkeeping Contacts


Bookkeeping Events


Bookkeeping Notifications

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